Delightful Bites A Culinary Journey Through My Favorite Mazatlán Eateries

The idea of creating this section on the website has been lingering in my mind for a long time, and it arises because during my cooking classes and food tours, many of my clients ask me for recommendations on places and restaurants to eat. I always ended up writing down my recommendations or favorite places to eat in Mazatlán on a piece of paper for each person. So, I thought it would be much easier to have this information in one place where they could see my restaurant recommendations. What could be easier than just telling them, “Go to my website, and there you’ll find several recommendations for places to eat in Mazatlán.”

When you travel, food is a fundamental part of the experience. For people like me, deciding where to eat and what to eat sometimes sets the tone for the day’s activities during my trips. So, when you’re looking for “Things to do in Mazatlán,” you have to eat at one of these restaurants that I’m about to recommend.

The idea is to keep updating these places because there are always new places opening or some closing. However, I promise to recommend my favorite places as a local and foodie that I am.


Diego’s Beach & Grill

Is one of my favorite restaurants in Mazatlán, and I recommend it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The place is a pleasant terrace by the sea, so the view is beautiful, the atmosphere is relaxed, and, on top of that, the food is excellent. The menu is extensive, so you’ll surely find something you like, from delicious shrimp tacos, elegant salmon, fresh ceviche, to a burger, all with the chef Diego Becerra’s distinctive touch, a staunch supporter of local gastronomy. My favorite and what I consider a “must” are the grilled shrimp tacos. If you happen to go for breakfast, you must try their sweet bread, especially their “conchas,” which, for me, are the best in Mazatlán. So, if you’re looking for a nice, relaxed place where you can have a drink by the sea while watching a sunset and eat delicious food, visit Diego’s. Maybe we’ll even meet there.


  • La Florida #100 Sábalo Country



In my opinion, this Mexican cuisine restaurant is the most interesting proposal in Mazatlán. Chef Daniel becomes your host as soon as you arrive, explaining the menu and personally bringing the dishes to your table, making sure you know what you’re eating and where the ingredients come from. The menu consists of dishes from various regions of Mexico, so you’ll taste a variety of ingredients, flavors, and textures. What makes ATOL special is their commitment to using the freshest local ingredients and preparing everything from scratch. They are one of the few restaurants in Mazatlán that make their own nixtamalized corn masa for their tortillas, using local heirloom corn. The menu is small but sufficient for a true culinary experience. My recommendation is to go for the tasting menu offered by the chef, where he’ll bring you different individual dishes so you can try a bit of everything interesting they have to offer. I also recommend making a reservation because the place is small.


  • 21 de Marzo #1414 Centro


Mariscos El Piquillas

The word “mariscos” translates to “seafood,” and El Piquillas offers some of the best seafood in the port. The menu includes traditional seafood dishes as well as modern creations by Chef Pancho, always using the freshest seafood. You’ll find different types of ceviches, aguachiles, delicious shrimp, fish, and octopus tacos and tostadas, clams, oysters, and callo de hacha (a type of shellfish). You can always accompany your meal with a cold Pacifico beer because when you’re in Mazatlán, you have to drink Pacifico beer (brewery founded in Mazatlán in the 19th century). I am a loyal customer of Mariscos El Piquillas, and my favorite dishes that I dream about and recommend you try are the shrimp morita taco, the laminated fish tostada with habanero mayonnaise – truly a delight. There are two locations of this restaurant in Mazatlán, one in the downtown area on Av. Miguel Aleman and another in the Marina area, so visit the one closest to you. If you decide to go, ask for Enrique at the downtown branch and Pancho at the Marina branch, and greet them, telling them that Paola recommended you.


  • Av. Miguel Aleman #915 Centro
  • Av. Blvd. Marina #2212-Local 6 Marina Mazatlan


Tacos Wicho

If you’re in Mexico, you can’t miss eating tacos. Your trip to Mexico wouldn’t be complete without a stop at an authentic taqueria with the aroma of grilled meat, handmade tortillas, and delicious and varied salsas. I could tell you to take my Tacos & Mezcal Food Tour, where we take you to taquerias off the tourist route, the ones where locals go, serving the best tacos. But I’ll share with you one of the taquerias that my friends and I love to visit and is easy to find. And if you’re not sure what to order, here are some options: Carne asada taco (corn tortilla with grilled meat), Quesadilla with meat (corn or flour tortilla with melted cheese and grilled meat), Vampiro (a tortilla toasted until slightly hard with melted cheese and grilled meat), Chorreada (a thick tortilla spread with the pork fat that remains in the bottom of the pork carnitas pot). Try all the different salsas and drink flavored water (aguas frescas) like horchata, cebada, or Jamaica.


  • Av. De la Marina #151 El Toreo


Mar de Fondo

This restaurant opened its doors just a few months ago in the historic center of Mazatlan and has become one of my favorite places. It offers a perfect combination of delicious food and a very pleasant atmosphere as it is an outdoor terrace. Whether for lunch or dinner, Mar de Fondo offers various dishes, both cold and hot. Different types of ceviches, tostadas, tacos, oysters, shrimp – all impeccably served, and all dishes have a very personal touch from the chef. I almost forgot to mention the varied cocktail menu. My favorite tostada is the fish roe tostada, and the matcha tostada, which is a bit spicy but delicious.


  • Mariano Escobedo #51 Centro Historico

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