Private Chef

Enjoy of an amazing culinary experience in the comfort and safety of your home. Let us perform a private chef experience for your family and friends.

We want to free you from concerns and ensure you more free time to enjoy your holidays. We will be presented at the place where you stay, with anticipation scheduled, to have the service ready at the time you choose. You can customize your menus with choices of local and international dishes. Our menus are adapted to the lifestyles and dietary needs of each guest. We take care of groceries, selection of products and materials for the development of the chosen menus, cook, serve, and cleaning of the workspace. Discover the marvelous secrets of Mexican cuisine and Mazatlán´s food oasis.

Contact Us

Contact us and let us know the kind of food you would like to have, the size of your party, the date or dates you want the service.

We will send you a menu proposal and a quote with your request.

All you need for a culinary Adventure